About Us

Versatech Products Inc. has been a world leader in manufacturing
oil spill response and pollution control equipment since 1968.

Versatech's product line encompasses the full scope of oil spill response. From absorbents, to oil containment boom and reels, flexible bladder tanks, to towable storage tanks, oil recovery skimmers, and response boats, Versatech manufactures everything that is needed to respond to an oil spill effectively and efficiently.

Our employees are available for training purposes and to commission equipment, ensuring fully effective implementation of the product and maximizing value for our customers.

Versatech’s product line has expanded into pollution prevention and waste water treatment for the oil industry.

We have been a global leader in disaster response since its inception. During the Exxon Valdez spill of 1989, Versatech’s proximity to the oil spill lead to the company becoming the primary supplier of containment boom. In response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010, Versatech manufactured over 200,000 ft of boom in the first three months of the spill.

Our list of clients during our 40 year history include all the major oil and petroleum companies, governments, spill response companies, coast guard organizations, and port and harbour authorities.