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Versatank and Onion Tanks

Versatanks are portable, easy to assemble, open-top tanks for temporary use. They are ideal for emergency spill clean-up operations for holding contaminated liquids such as oily water and can also be used for water storage at remote fire fighting sites.

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  • Easy to set-up
    Assembles and disassembles without tools
  • Portable
    Lightweight, portable and can be transported in a special carry-bag
  • Durable
    Constructed with high quality PVC or urethane fabrics and a non-corrosive Aluminum frame
  • Easy to drain
    Convenient drain outlet with either a ball or gate valve attachment eliminates spills and improves control
Versatanks are portable, easy-to-use, open-top tanks that can be quickly assembled by one person without tools

Versatanks are manufactured with an Aluminum frame and a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Urethane coated fabric insert. All frame sections connect without the aid of tools, with the tank insert suspended from horizontal frame sections that slide through pockets on the top of the tank.

The tanks can be emptied by means of a PVC flange connected to either a PVC ball valve or gate-type valve. Available in capacities ranging from 3,000 - 12,000 litres.

Versatech’s Onion Tank is an open top collapsible bladder designed for use as a mobile storage solution when recovering contaminants. Versatech’s Onion Tanks include a self adjusting, floating collar. The tanks have capacities of up to 20 cubic meters, and can be deflated, flattened and folded for extremely compact storage when it is not in use. Versatech’s Pillow Tanks can be used for storing fuel, oily water, or potable water, depending on the fabric used.