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Brush, Disc, & Drum Skimmer

Versatech RBS Skimmers operates by utilizing the oleophilic surfaces of a rotating brush/drum/disc to attract oil and reject water. As the skimming element rotates through the oil/water surface, the oil adheres to the surface and is removed by a scraper. The recovered oil is collected in a common sump and pumped away. The skimming element modules, brush/drum/disc, can be changed easily in a few minutes. The system also offers an internal weir system for heavy oil concentrations.

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  • High oil recovery rates, up to 98% efficiency
  • Several models to choose from (up to 250 m3/hr oil recovery)
  • Internal pump can be easily removed (no tools required) and used as a separate hydraulic pump.
  • Easily assembled, operated and maintained.
  • All marine grade aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Diesel, gas, pneumatic or electric models available
  • Versatile, brush/drums/disc modules can be interchanged in a few minutes
  • Ideal for Spill Control in closed or open water situations.

Each Versatech Rotating Brush/Drum/Disc/Weir Skimmer consists of the following:

  • A free-floating skimmer head c/w internal high capacity pump & weir system
  • Diesel/hydraulic Power Pack
  • Transfer and hydraulic hose set and hose floats
  • Manual or hydraulic hose reel (optional)
  • Deployment crane with umbilical hosing (optional),
  • Operations and maintenance manual.