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ShoreSeal Boom

ShoreSeal Boom is a unique boom design for protecting beaches and low tidal land areas.

With two water-filled lower chambers for ballast and an air-inflated top chamber for buoyancy, ShoreSeal creates a self-supporting barrier onshore connecting to conventional style boom (such as InShore Boom) in deeper water to provide continuous protection in tidal zones.

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  • Multi-chamber design - two water-filled lower chambers for ballast and an air-inflated top chamber for buoyancy
  • Effective at beach sealing - ideal for use in shallow water, on beaches and tidal mud flats
  • Quickly inflated - through solid Monson Valves
  • Custom built to order - available in a range of sizes, fabrics and features to suit your specific needs
ShoreSeal Boom creates a continuous protective barrier against potential pollution on beaches and low tidal areas keeping the oil floating, enabling easier recovery

ShoreSeal is manufactured from the highest quality urethane or PVC coated fabrics. Optional double layer fabric is offered under water chambers to provide additional abrasion resistance. All seams are RF welded for maximum strength and each boom section connects by means of a quick-release Aluminum connector.

When not in use, ShoreSeal Boom s are very compact, lightweight and storable on Versatech's Boom Storage Reels.

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