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Dispersant Spray System

Versatech’s Dispersant Spray System is an extremely useful and valuable resource during an emergency spill response. The high flow pump and eductor systems allows up to 15 m3/hr of dispersant to be sprayed onto an oil spill. Extra long 6 m spray arms allow a large area of oil to be sprayed with dispersant. An all aluminum construction limits corrosion in all water conditions. The dispersant system is powered by a high efficiency Yanmar L70V pull start diesel motor, and the dispersant spray is pumped by a self priming centrifugal pump. Further specifications can be found in the attached product brochure.

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Technical Specification
Model: Versatech DS-6.10
Capacity Dispersant Up to 350 litres/minute of neat concentrate dispersant
Capacity SeaWater: 350 litres/minute
Pump Type: 350 litres/minute; Eductor 60 litres/min
Engine: Yanmar 4.8 HP L48 diesel engine, electric & pull start
Pipe And Fittings: Stainless steel with nylock quick connects
Base And Frame: Stainless Steel
Pressure Relief Valve: 0-10 Bar setting
Spray Arms: 2 x 6meters stainless steel spray arms fittedwith 10 nozzles per arm, shipside
brackets, rigging & hoses
Rigging: 4 x Stainless steel cables c/w shackles
Hoses: 1 x 2” diameter x 5 m long; 1 1” diameter x 5m x suction hose
Drop Pipes: 1.5 meter drop pipes
Control Valve: On/off
Spare Parts Kit: Included - 4 x extra spray nozzles