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Zooom Boom™

Versatech's Zooom BoomT is a FAST RESPONSE self-inflating, oil spill containment boom used successfully around the world for over 15 years.

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  • Fastest delivery to incident site
    DeckPak system will deliver up to 250m deployment ready boom via truck or ship
  • Rapid Deployment
    can be deployed at a spill location faster and with less resources (staff or equipment) than any other type of boom
  • Excellent performance
    best wave following characteristics, constant ambient inflation pressure, and continual re-inflation from wave action, resulting in the highest performance and least oil entrainment
  • Compact storage
    requires less than 10% of deployed volume for storage space (see DeckPak and HeliPak for storage container options)
  • Reliable and maintenance free
    Zooom Boom has no moving parts and requires no ancillary systems e.g. pumps, reels, compressors etc.
Zooom Boom provides not only the fastest response boom available, but also a cost-effective and high performance containment solutions

Zooom Boom provides an extremely effective containment system with the capability of delivering to and deploying at the incident site in the fastest possible time with a minimum number of personnel. Once delivered to the spill site, 250m Zooom Boom can be deployed in under 10 minutes. Zooom Boom's will, in all deployment scenarios, self-inflate without the need of any mechanical assistance, inflation blowers, manhandling, boom reels, hydraulics, compressors, or mechanical devices of any kind.

Zooom Boom, now available up to 61cm (2ft) diameter floatation, is manufactured by Versatech using only highest specification and quality materials available, resulting in an on-water performance that is second to none. The lightweight, flexible design provides best wave following characteristics, high stability and a high buoyancy-to-weight ratio with excellent tow characteristics.

Storage/delivery/deployment systems available, including DeckPak, TowPak and HeliPak, allow for deployment from a dockside, beach, response vessel, vessel of opportunity, helicopter or directly from an offshore installation or FPSO. When used with Versatech's DeckPak storage/delivery/deployment system, can self-deploy from any moving vessel, including a vessel of opportunity.

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