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Spill Response Trailers

Versatech Oil Spill Response Trailer is a complete package enabling personnel to effectively deal with small to medium land based oil spill situations at a moments notice.

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The standard contents of the Trailer are listed below.  This list can be modified to suit the individual requirements.

  • Single or double axle steel or aluminum enclosed trailer with plywood floor.

  • One Weir-Star oil skimmer with Positive displacement pump mounted in a portable frame with wheels with suction and discharge hoses

  • One 1000 liter Versatank Collapsible storage tank complete with roof cover, polyurethane liner and decanting valve.

  • 10 x Versatech GP Boom each 15 meters (50 ft) long complete with connectors and tow bridles and 2 x 50 ft of PP rope.

  • One 200 liter oil spill kit complete with oil absorbent booms, pillows, oil pads, shovel, broom, bags

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) each comprising of coverall, gloves and safety goggles.