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Cat-Boom™ Barriers

The Cat-Boom™ Barrier is 16 inch (40 cm) in diameter and 10 feet (3m) long. In water it has 4 inches (10cm) of draft, and a freeboard of 12 inches (30cm) for an overall height of 16" (40cm), and a reserve buoyancy in excess of 700 lbs (318 kg).

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Versatech's Marine Security and Debris Barriers shell are made with extremely high quality, high durability UV resistant polyethylene. This material has exceptional strength and longevity and the barrier can be used for years at a time without fear of contamination, degradation or rupture.

The core axle for each section of the Cat-Boom™ is reinforced and ballasted using high strength steel channel running through the full length of the bottom interior of each sealed shell through which inter-float connecting hardware is attached. External float connections are provided by 5/8" (16mm) thick galvanised steel bottom plates bolted to the internal steel channel and joined to adjacent floats with load rated galvanised 3/4" (19mm) bolt style steel shackles with stainless steel cotter pins at each end. Load rated 3/4" (19mm) galvanised steel weldless end links (or alternatively 3/4" (19mm) galvanized dock fender chain) complete the connection between the shackles. The shell for each float section of Cat-Boom™ Barrier is filled with extruded closed cell polystyrene foam to ensure the float maintains buoyancy should it be punctured or damaged structurally.

Custom built security or debris screens below water line and fences above water line are also available. Custom graphics, colors and reflective marine tape and barriers constructed using 100% stainless steel components are available upon request.

Debris Control

  • Logs, Tree Trunks, Sticks, Leaves.
  • Trash, floating bottles, and other man made litter.
  • Vegetation, Water Hyacinth, Eel Grass, Milfoil, seaweed.
  • Ice & slush (frazil ice)

Dam Safety

  • Public Safety Boat Barriers
  • Morning Glory Hole Protection
  • Canoe & Kayak Portage Guide Barriers
  • Spillway Boat Barriers
  • Intake Protection
  • Night time Lighted Barrier