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PermaGuard Boom

PermaGuard Boom is a heavy-duty debris and oil spill containment boom designed for permanent installation at oil handling facilities, harbours, power station and desalination plant inlets.

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  • Long service life - up to 20 years with minimum maintenance required
  • Highly durable - abrasion resistant, UV and marine growth inhibited, high tensile strength and buoyancy
  • Rota-moulded floats - heavy duty, unsinkable polyurethane foam-filling with 316 stainless steel fasteners
  • Easily modified and adapted - a drop-in adapter enables frequently opened boom sections to be connected without the need to lift the boom ends out of the water
PermaGuard Boom is a heavy-duty debris and oil spill containment boom for permanent installation, designed for long service life with minimal maintenance

PermaGuard is designed for long service life with minimum maintenance. PermaGuard floats provide exceptional buoyancy, stability and tow characteristics, as well as a wide cross section providing good roll resistance. PermaGuard boom does not require additional ballast weights. Manufactured from rota-moulded Polyethylene, the foam-filled floats provide excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

PermaGuard Boom is available with a wide range of attachments and fittings for anchorage, tidal compensation and dock sealing. Versatech's Aluminum ASTM, Universal or US NAVY style connectors feature a unique attachment to the boom belting, ensuring the strongest connection on the market.

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