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Heli Pack & Deck Pack

DeckPak and Heli-Pak Storage/Delivery/Deployment systems provide the FASTEST and most flexible delivery and deployment of Versatech's Zooom Boom at an incident site without the need for any mechanical assistance, auxiliary systems or moving parts.

DeckPak is a self-contained Zooom Boom deployment system designed for rapid response and fastest delivery to incident site using any vessel of opportunity. Zooom Boom will self deploy from moving vessel or be pulled from DeckPak located on beach, truck or jetty. DeckPak can also be helicopter lifted to remote areas for immediate deployment. It provides the safest boom deployment, requiring 2 personnel and no external aid.

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  • Self-contained system
  • Fastest and safest deployment at incident site
  • No mechanical assistance required for deployment
  • Transportable via any ship, truck, or helicopter to incident location
DeckPak and HeliPak delivery and deployment systems provide the fastest, safest, most flexible and cost-effective containment boom solution available

HeliPak is a completely self-contained Zooom boom deployment system designed for the FASTEST delivery to an incident site by helicopter. Zooom boom automatically self-deploys directly from the HeliPak suspended in the air without any external assistance. The empty HeliPak is then returned to base.