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Pedco Skimmer

The Pedco Skimmer is a self-adjusting weir-type skimmer that is simple in design and easy to use. It can be used free-floating or with booms attached to the skimmer to funnel oil directly into the weir for collection.

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  • Self-adjusting – Pumping rate determines the depth of removal and flow
  • Easy to use - Lightweight, assembled without the use of tools
  • Low maintenance – robust construction from marine grade aluminum with only one moving part and it is easy to clean
The Pedco Skimmer is an economical and simple oil spill recovery solution that is easy-to-use and can be deployed quickly with minimall configuration

The Pedco’s pivotal weir automatically adjusts to suit the pumping rate. For thin slicks, a slow pumping rate ensures the weir drops only slightly below the surface to skim off the topmost layer of oil. For thicker slicks, a faster pumping rate is used, causing the weir to drop deeper into the water and remove a thicker layer of oil. A trash screen prevents large debris from entering the system.

Available in two sizes - 2ft and 4ft the Pedco is adaptable for use with any suitable pump. The preferred pump is a positive displacement double diaphragm type, making the skimmer a very economical and practical oil spill recovery device.