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Versatech Products is a distributor of quality melt-blown polypropylene sorbents available in Pad, Roll, Boom, Socks or Particulate form. These products offer a combination of superior quality and competitive prices.

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  • Rejects water
    Ideal for both land and water use
  • Effective for a variety of spill types
    for cleaning up petroleum-based fluids, solvents, paints, vegetable oils and on-water soluble chemicals.
  • Efficient disposal
    Incinerates to less than 0.02% ash
  • Colour coding
    Different colours are available to identify end usage.
Oil Sorbents absorb 15-25 times their own weight in spilled oil or other industrial chemicals and are a cost-effective solution to smaller spill problems

Versatech oil sorbents absorb typically from 15 to 25 times their own weight in spilled oil or many other industrial chemicals. Versatech oil sorbents reject water and are a cost effective solution to smaller spill problems.

Versatech’s industrial sorbents are designed to maintain a safe, clean and efficient manufacturing environment. Versatech also carries a complete line of chemical and hazmat sorbents for the most severe acid or caustic spills.

Products are available in Pads, Rolls, Boom, Socks, Pillows or Particulate form.