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Versa-Vacuum Trailer

VersaVac Vacuum Loaders are versatile, powerful systems specifically configured for vacuuming of waste oil and dirt. VersaVac combines high vacuum capabilities into a compact package offering proven performance, exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, and superior design. A dependable positive displacement blower, diesel or gasoline power source combined on a skid, single trailer or double trailers.


Available Options

  • Diesel, gasoline, or electric driven
  • Larger vacuum blowers, spoils tanks, and water systems
  • Deep vacuum 28” hg blowers
  • Skid or trailer mounted packages
  • Night work light package
  • LED trailer light package
  • Hydraulic plumbing
  • Hydraulically controlled telescopic suction boom
  • Hydraulic dump door
  • Utility line locator
  • Remote control dump body
  • High pressure self-retracting hose reel
  • Cold weather protection packages
  • Auxiliary electric power ports

Power Unit

  • Positive displacement rotary lobe blower with maximum capabilities of 350 CFM &16” HG
  • 20 horsepower Kubota diesel engine with water, oil and temperature shutdowns and 12-gallon fuel tank
  • Quick, easy and safe access to service points including external drains and fill points
  • Superior washable, wet filtration system (no tools required)
  • Oversized discharge silencer for quiet operation, with varied sound attenuation packages available.
  • Conveniently located engine instrument panel (locking) with all needed controls and shutdowns
  • Optional remote emergency vacuum shutdown pendent.
  • Total vacuum and pressure differential gauges
  • Maintenance-free battery, fully enclosed

Waste Tank

  • 500-gallon tank with hydraulic dump hoist and remote pendant with 55º dump angle
  • Water and airtight sealing vacuum tailgate with 16 inch diameter open door & no internal mechanisms to bind or jam
  • Cyclonic material entry for enhanced material control and extended filter life
  • Large stainless steel ball automatic liquid level shut-off
  • Float for level measurement


  • 5000 lb Gross Vehicle Weight, heavy duty, single axle trailer with radial tires, electric brakes and adjustable trailer hitch for the vacuum tank
  • 1000 Lb GVW single axle trailer with radial tire and trailer hitch
  • Excellent trailering in full or empty conditions
  • Vacuum and water hose racks
  • Primed with epoxy primer and painted with weather resistant polyurethane paint

High Pressure Water System (Optional)

  • Triplex water system complete with hose reel, high-pressure hoses, unloader valves and safety devices
  • Pump rating of 3.0 gallon/minute at 4,000 psi, adjustable without tools
  • 225 gallon HDPE water tank
  • Emulsifier system combining water knife and vacuum on one nozzle
  • Low water level shutdown
  • Cold weather package

Other HDD Vacuum Excavators Series Models and Options

Other HDD vacuum models are available along with a full range of machine options and enhancements to address specific vacuum and potholing requirements and conditions.