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Boom Reels & Containers

Versatech provides storage and deployment systems for various boom types. These include special storage containers to high torque boom reels powered by electric or diesel engine hydraulic drive and appropriate trailers.

Boom Reel Boom Reel

High quality and extreme durability. Hydraulic Boom reels make storage and deployment of oil containment boom efficient and easy.

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Heli Pack & Deck Pack Heli Pack & Deck Pack

Provides the fastest and most flexible delivery and deployment of Versatech's Zooom Boom at an incident site.

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Boom & Equipment Containers Boom & Equipment Containers

Cost effective way to store oil spill response equipment outdoors for long periods.

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Spill Response Trailers Spill Response Trailers

Complete package enabling personnel to effectively deal with small to medium land based oil spill situations at a moments notice.

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