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Shallow Draft Weir Skimmer

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  • Light weight and portable
  • Ideal for use in shallow water or confined areas where other skimmers are not suitable
  • These skimmers can handle any type of oil ranging from fish and palm oil to diesel fuel and heavy oil
  • Can be utilized with variety of on board hydraulic or pneumatic pumps or external positive displacement pumps and vacuum trucks
  • The simple design and lack of moving parts allows for long term utilization of the skimmer without fear of failure
  • The VersaPod Skimmer provides 360 degrees of uninterrupted flow of oil in a variety of recovery operations
  • The ShovelHead Skimmer is semi-circular with multiple inlet ports and can operate in waters as shallow as 3 inches (7.6 cm)
  • These skimmers are manufactured of marine grade aluminum and protected with highly-durable powder-coating
  • Weir Skimmer Systems are available as individual skimmer heads or as a complete package. Each systems includes a free-floating skimmer head, a diesel powered 3 inch diaphragm pump, flexible PVC suction hose, layflat discharge hose and hose floats
  • The systems are easily assembled, simple to operate and require little maintenance