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Versatech manufactures Spill Berms in all sizes for oil, fuel, and chemical spill containment.

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Berm & Containment applications include:

  • Drive in style berms, ideal for wash-down, storage and secondary containment for aircraft, trucks, tankers, trailers and other equipment in a variety of berm sizes.
  • Containment of oil, fuel, chemicals, acids, generators, trucks and other power equipment used in-plant or in remote locations.
  • Portable secondary spill containment berms for drums, tanks, trailers, chemical processing equipment and more.
  • Walls that allow trailers or forklifts to roll over berm for easy entry and exit.
  • Variety of fabric materials compatible with the chemical in use,  Wall heights from 10 cm (4”) to 40 cm (16”) available in foam wall or aluminum L-Rod configuration.