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Storage Tanks

Versatech manufactures a full variety of temporary storage tanks from the simple open top Versatank and onion tanks to large ocean going towable bladder in round or torpedo shapes and stationary bladder tanks to capacities of 50 m3 or larger.

Zoom Boom Tow Tank Torpedo and Tear Drop

Used for oil spill recovery and temporary storage of the recovered oil during spill response operations on water.

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Zoom Boom Versatank and Onion Tanks

Ideal for emergency spill clean-up operations for holding contaminated liquids such as oily water and can also be used for water storage at remote fire fighting sites.

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Zoom Boom Bladder / Pillow Tanks

Petroleum products, drinking water, industrial chemicals, wastewater and a wide variety of other liquid products can be safely and efficiently stored.

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Zoom Boom Air Transport Tanks

Air Transport Tanks can be carried by helicopters to transport liquids to remote areas.

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Zoom Boom Versa-Berm

Versatech manufactures Spill Berms in all sizes for oil, fuel, and chemical spill containment.

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