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Oil Skimmers

Versatech’s line of skimmers are known for their robust performance and durability. Versatech manufactures a complete line of skimmers with capacities up to and exceeding 250 m3/hr, with recovery efficiencies of up to 98% pure oil.

Versatech manufactures a complete line of weir and oleophilic skimmers, ranging from low cost portable systems to remote controlled umbilical hose crane systems complete with pump, thrusters, deployment crane and diesel hydraulic power packs.

Zoom Boom Brush, Disc, & Drum Skimmer

Versatech RBS Skimmers operates by utilizing the oleophilic surfaces of a rotating brush/drum/disc to attract oil and reject water.

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Zoom Boom Pedco Skimmer

Self-adjusting weir-type skimmer that is simple in design and easy to use.

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Zoom Boom Weir Star Skimmer

Low cost alternative to more complex skimmers and can find applications for oil spill response operations to fixed oil pond applications

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Zoom Boom Shallow Draft Weir Skimmer

Shallow draft, light weight Weir Skimmers that are ideal for industrial operations, inland and calm coastal waters.

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Zoom Boom Hydraulic Power Pack

Complete from small air cooled portable units for small RBS skimmers to large 4 or 6 cylinder water cooled engines and come with 2 or more hydraulic circuits for the drive and control or brush speed, pump, thrusters and crane.

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