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Ancillary Spill Response Equipment

Versatech manufactures the full range of accessories for the deployment of oil spill recovery equipment and recovery of spilled oil.

Zoom Boom Dispersant Spray System

Extremely useful and valuable resource during an emergency spill response.

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Zoom Boom Versa-Vacuum Trailer

Versatile, powerful systems specifically configured for vacuuming of waste oil and dirt.

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Zoom Boom Tow Bridles & Anchor Assemblies

Complete set of tow bridles for rapid deployment of oil spill containment boom.

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Zoom Boom Tide Slides

A mechanism that can be used to fix floating oil booms to vertical structures such as docks, pilings or piers.

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Zoom Boom Magnetic Hull Connectors

Used to attach the boom to the metal hull of boats allowing the boom to rapidly encircle the spilled oil limiting its spread and to allow for effective skimming operations.

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Zoom Boom Boom Chutes

Utilized in areas where rough surfaces may rip the boom fabric during deployment.

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Zoom Boom Sea Lander Response Boats

Versatech Sea Lander boats with their large flat work deck and front ramp are perfect boats for oil spill response activities.

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