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Offshore & Ocean Boom

Offshore Boom is an air-inflated boom that is well suited to the harsh conditions faced in open ocean spills. Large independent air bladders within individual buoyancy chambers are quickly inflated through Monsun inflation/deflation valves using back-mounted blower packs.

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  • Compact storage - available with Versatech Boom Storage Reels and Containers
  • Rugged urethane coated fabrics - available in a variety of weights for different applications and environments
  • Heavy duty connectors - U.S. Navy type are standard with ASTM connectors at no extra cost
  • Rapid Inflation - via large capacity air valves
Offshore Boom is a rugged, high-quality, economical boom that is lightweight, easy to inflate, deploy and recover

Manufactured from either Urethane-coated or PVC-coated fabrics using RF-Welding technology, Versatech’s Offshore boom offers a durable yet economical choice.
Available in a wide range of sizes to fulfill virtually any role from calm inland waters to demanding offshore duty, Offshore Boom stores compactly on Versatech’s Boom Storage Reels.

International standard connectors are attached to the boom in such a way that load is evenly distributed across the boom without the use of bolts or perforations through the boom fabric.

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