Boom Features and Applications

  Type Applications Features See Also
Zooom Boom Zooom Boom Rapid Response
Inshore / offshore oil spill emergencies
Rapid Deployment
Self-Deploying and Inflating
Excellent Wave Following Characteristics
Ultra Compact Storage
PermaGuard Boom PermaGuard Boom Permanent
Debris and spill containment in harbour installations and water intakes
Rota-Moulded Floats
High Durability
High Buoyancy-to-weight Ratio
High Stability, No Ballast Required
Foam Filled Floats
UV / Marine Growth Inhibited
ShoreSeal Boom
Boom Storage Reels
InShore Boom InShore Boom Prevention / Response
Spill containment and recovery operations in sheltered water conditions
Closed-Cell Foam Floatation
Boom Reel Deployable
Ballast Chain / Bottom Tension
Top Tension Cable / Webbing
Boom Storage Reels
OffShore Boom OffShore Boom Response
Spill containment for inshore and offshore conditions
Air Inflated
Boom Reel Deployable
InShore Boom
Boom Storage Reels
ShoreSeal Boom ShoreSeal Boom Prevention
Land, beach and tidal zone protection
High Abrasion / Puncture Resistance
Water Ballast & Air Buoyancy Chambers
River Boom River Boom Response
Rivers and inlets with water current conditions
Excellent Performance
High Strength
Rolled Closed-Cell Floatation
General Purpose Boom General Purpose Boom Prevention / Response
Contract and project work where oil and debris protection is required
Rolled Closed-Cell Floatation
Cost-Effective Solution