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Absorbents & Spill Kits

Versatech carries a complete line of polypropylene sorbents for almost any kind of leak or spill within the workplace or outdoor environment. A variety of durable sorbent products designed for quick and effective liquid spill response for all land based and marine applications.

Convenient, mobile emergency spill kits and stationary spill containment systems for accidental spills or any spill control contingency plan. Versatech has a spill kit to suit most any type of spill condition.

Zoom Boom Sorbent

Versatech has quality melt-blown polypropylene sorbents available in Pad, Roll, Boom, Socks or Particulate form.

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Zoom Boom Sorbent Spill Kits

A wide range of emergency Sorbent Spill Kits designed for industrial plants, laboratories, construction sites and work stations.

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