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Tow Tank Torpedo and Tear Drop

Versatech Ocean Towable Bladders are used for oil spill recovery and temporary storage of the recovered oil during spill response operations on water. The bladders are very rugged units with a cylindrical or round main body giving them stable towing characteristics. The tanks have capacities from 3 to 50 cubic meters, and can be deflated and flattened for extremely compact storage when they are not in use. Auxiliary floatation is provided by high buoyancy rectangular solid foam floats or air chambers located along the length of the bladder. Multiple filling ports are provided for filling and draining the tanks, along with optional internal transfer pumps.

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  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation.
  • Used worldwide for ship-deck cranes, offshore rigs, and general purpose cranes.

Versatech uses heavy duty Polyurethane fabric materials with high tensile strength that allow the construction of a safe ocean towable bladder that can be filled, towed and off loaded repeatedly. Aluminum or wood storage/shipping containers are available on request.