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General Purpose Boom

General Purpose Boom is one of our most cost-effective oil containment booms, available in a range of sizes from 6 inch (15 cm) to 36 inches (90 cm) for use in all water conditions. This style of containment boom is a real versatile workhorse. General Purpose (Contractor) Boom is very popular with spill clean-up contractors because of its simplicity of use and rugged design.

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  • High quality construction
    100% radio frequency welded PVC or PU coated fabric with round closed-cell foam floats secured by Versatech's unique internal float retention system
  • Quick connecting - using ASTM or universal aluminum connectors with high quality stainless steel toggle pins
  • Rugged design - the standard boom is made with 22 oz/yd (750 gm/m2) PVC fabric and rolled closed-cell foam floats but can also be manufactured with 28 oz/yard (900 gm/m2) PVC or PU fabrics.
  • Economical to purchase and maintain
  • Custom built to order - available in a range of sizes, fabrics and features to suit your specific needs

General Purpose Boom is easy to deploy, handle and recover. The design allows for compact storage in Versatech's Storage/Deployment Containers. GP Boom is manufactured using RF welding technology. As a custom manufacturer, Versatech offers a range of sizes, fabrics and optional custom features according to the intended use of the boom